Our goal is to strategically help your company grow quickly. We ignore all the distractions, and work with you to bring in new customers, increase sales, revenue, and profit.

Smart Profits Team



The team at Smart Profits is a very diverse group of professionals who are dedicated towards helping contractors grow.   We believe the way contractors used to do business is gone, and we’ve entered a time when online marketing channels are very important to help contractors succeed.

Unfortunately many contractors are taken advantage of from a marketing perspective, and we’re here to stop that, and put the record straight!  If you’re reading this, you’re trying to decide if we’re legitimate, and if we’re a good fit. The answer is, we like our results to speak for themselves, and we take our name and business just as seriously as you do yours.  If you’re not a good fit (which happens often), we’ll let you know, because we only take on clients that we are certain that we can add value to for years to come. We have no desire to work with clients for just a month or two, and only work with contractors who take their business and final product seriously.

Providing significant, measurable value + growth,  for each and every client is our goal.  If you have a business you want to grow, you can now leverage our experience, skill set, and resources to reach your goals.

Our Team

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Dan Giuglianotti

CEO & 7 Figure Consultant

Dan Giuglianotti is the Founder of Smart Profits, and has been helping small and medium sized businesses grow for nearly a decade.  He runs the east coast office, and has helped contractors grow their business for approximately 5 years.

As a successful multi-business owner, who has bought and sold multiple companies, he believes business success can be an enjoyable, repeatable process.  Over the last 10 years he’s worked in over 20 industries, and is excited to help others with his experience.

From Dan:  “I’m leaving my mark on the world by consulting, and helping small business owners succeed.  I love working with contractors because they’re real people, out there trying to serve their customers every day, and make a living.  With my skills in terms of driving in new customers, and maximizing their value, we can easily double or triple a contractors business if they’re dedicated.  On the way, I end up becoming great friends with many of the contractor clients I work with. If you work hard, follow a system, and deliver value, I believe success is inevitable.”

Our Team

Brian Comstock

7 Figure Consultant

Brian Comstock joined Smart Profits in 2016 to build out the west coast office and expand our U.S. footprint in helping contractors grow their business.

He has started and grown several successful online businesses, and now channels his expertise in digital marketing and passion to add quantifiable value to help small contractors scale up profitably. Results-driven, his philosophy gears around simplicity and highest leverage items above all else.

From Brian: “Contractors are my ideal clientele – humble, coachable, with an industrious work ethic . Beyond driving in new customers, I have the unique opportunity to be a part of and help grow every aspect of their business. My clients quickly realize I have their best interest at heart , in both the short and long term.

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